Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heritage Garden

Another perspective from today, of Heritage Garden Park in the City of Escondido, at the corner of Grand and Juniper. Steven Smith Landscape, Inc. installed and currently maintains this park.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for photos at the park of the completed Christmas tree with all the trimmings!

Heritage Garden Christmas Tree

 Today we stopped by Heritage Garden,  the park Steven Smith Landscape installed and maintains in the City of Escondido, at the corner of Grand and Juniper.  This park is an ongoing collaborative project and the beautiful Deodar tree was donated by Evergreen Nursery and use of the lift courtesy of G. Weir .  Rosemary Duff Florist was on hand to get the trimming underway!  We plan to stop back in a day or two to get photos of the completed tree in all its splendor.

Our own  Debra Moore and Gigi Golden-Smith with some of the shiny "tree bling"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Consider the Cyclamen for Your Holiday Plantings

The holidays are right around the corner and we get a lot of requests for winter color changes for entryways and beds that speak to the season. Poinsettias are one logical choice, but a beautiful alternative is the Cyclamen.  A mix of the red and white varieties are perfect for this purpose.

Cyclamen, a tuberous perennial,  with orchid-like flowers, is a genus of the Primulaceae or primrose family.  They have large heart-shaped leaves and are available in many colors and bi-color combinations.
Cyclamen are surprisingly hardy as outdoor winter plants.

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