Monday, March 15, 2010


if your yard is like my yard all this wonderful rain has turned it into a thriving green field - of weeds! so this weekend while the sun was shining, i put on my old clothes and headed outdoors to pluck the bad plants from the good. weeds are water hogs and take from all my beautiful plants- like all my paper whites just coming up.

around my lantana, i came across a particularly virulent mass of weeds and just dug in. i love to pull weeds- one of the easiest ways to beautify any space. plus you get your hands dirty and i love the feeling when the earth releases the roots. right away, i felt the stings of many tiny invisible needles and realized these weeds were probably stinging nettles. now, i knew i should get up right away, wash my hands and find my gloves. but i was in a groove and didn't want to stop. plus, you can't get dirty with gloves on and i am always afraid that spiders have nested in the fingers of my gloves- so despite having many pairs i usually weed without them.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Plant of the Month: March 2010

Anigozanthos flavidus Kangaroo Paw is an evergreen perennial native to Western Australia. Clumps of dark green sword shaped leaves grow to 3 ft. or more. Anigozanthos come in a variety of colors: red, purple, green, or yellow; flowers are tubular shaped with a woolly texture. A. flavidus is yellow green, tinged with red. Blooms late spring to fall, but spent flowers need to be cut to the ground.

The photo shows this variety in a poolside planter bed, installed by Steven Smith Landscape.