Friday, September 11, 2009

Irrigation Mandate Meeting

Hi all, on September 11 we met with counsel person Fry for the City of San Diego. Our goal was to have her help us rescind the 1 day a week irrigation mandate starting November 1st.
Well everything went very well, she has the same opinion as we do. At the next counsel meeting she is going to push not reducing the 3 days a week, but to reduce run times from 10 minutes to 7 and controllers must be turned off when rain fall is greater than 1/4" and must remain off for 48 hours.
Rain fall for the City of San Diego will be measured at Lindberg field.
We think that what San Diego does the rest of the water districts will copy.
If you have any contacts with any water districts get a hold of them and push to not go to 1 day irrigation, but stay on the 3 day cycle.
Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plant of the Month: September 2009

Dietes bicolor is also known as Moraea bicolor, African Iris and Fortnight Lily because its blooms open in two week batches. Drought tolerant once established. 1-1/2' tall with clumps spreading to 2'. Yellow flowers with magenta accents last only one day. Green sword shaped leaves. Accent plant with a tropical feel. Full sun.